Asian Medicinal Botanicals (AMB) is a program designed to benefit society by promoting research in the area of traditional Asian and Chinese herbal medicine. Asian medicine embraces acupuncture, herbology, and a variety of body-oriented therapies. AMB is an outgrowth of the University of Northern California Community Acupuncture Clinic. Through the Clinic, the UNC Foundation has a twenty-five-year history in supporting acupuncture and Asian medicine research and practice. 

The majority of medicinal Asian herbs are imported into the United States. Concerns have arisen regarding the quality, availability, correct identification, and contamination of the present herbal import market. The need for Asian medicinal botanical research is increasing rapidly due to the fact that acupuncturists and other Asian medicine practitioners are experiencing increased difficulty in obtaining fresh and pesticide free Asian herbal medications. What practitioners and end users of Asian medicine require is a trustworthy source of better-quality medicinal herbs. 

AMB is addressing the problem by promoting research into best practices regarding the local production of high-quality organic Asian herbal medications. In an effort to address the quality problem, AMB’s research goal is to develop innovative, cost-effective, efficient, organic, and sustainable methods in the growing of Asian medicinal botanicals. The successful outcome of AMB’s research will be the development of growing methods that can be applied to domestic small-scale, sustainable, and ecologically sound farming of Asian medicinal herbs.