Public & Private Partnerships

Building Relationships
Beyond STIC incubating and spinning-off its own companies, STIC also solicits associations with already established firms, or client companies. Client companies associated with STIC can expect to create and sustain working relationships with UNC faculty scientists, physicians, and engineers, who are respected nationally and internationally, and who are eager to share their expertise with corporate clients. Reciprocal agreements between STIC and a client company will assure mutually beneficial arrangement in which the firm will be able to employ affordable personnel (UNC graduate students) while providing UNC graduate students with valuable practical work experiences that prepare them to meet the needs of today’s challenging industrial climate.

To meet the specific industrial needs of our corporate clients, UNC administrators and STIC officials have identified two strategic areas based on the research strengths of the University. These areas of focus hold great potential for cooperation between the corporate world and the University.

  • Biomedical Engineering is the application of the principles and methods of engineering and life sciences to biomedicine. It is the area of special emphasis at UNC. We currently operate in six subtracks: 1) Biomechanics, 2) Biomaterials, 3) Bioelectrical Engineering, 4) Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology, 5) Tissue Engineering, and 6) Optical & Photonic Engineering.
  • Human Health and Medicine focuses research in the areas of electrotherapy applications, herbology, physiotherapy, and nutrition. A serious commitment to programs in biology, engineering, and other basic sciences within the University, ensure the support needed for this activity.

Companies interested in tenancy at the Science & Technology Innovation Center should contact Young king Liu, Ph.D., L.Ac. at UNC (707-664-6365).