UNC assists qualified students in meeting the financial costs of their education.

Full Tuition Graduate Student Scholarships

Living Stipend

Fully Funded Post-Doctoral Fellowships


Graduate Biomedical Engineering at the University of Northern California

The University of Northern California (UNC) is a highly selective doctoral level biomedical engineering graduate research institute that welcomes a small group of qualified students from around the world.  Integral to UNC’s ‘learning-by-doing’ educational methodology is the Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC), a division of the University that promotes prototype development and business incubation of original faculty, student and entrepreneurial research. Through participation in STIC start-up companies, students and Fellows are immersed in all aspects of the biomedical engineering device industry. Upon completion of the program they have gained an over-all knowledge base of biomedical engineering theory, research, device creation, and business development.

Financial Aid Awards

Applicants who are admitted to the Doctor of Biomedical Engineering program receive the following full-tuition scholarships and fellowships plus living stipend:

Tuition                  $15,000.00 (acadamic year - 2 semesters)
Fellowship           $12,000.00 per year
Living Stipend      $10,000.00 per year

Admission Criteria

Applicants who have a Masters Degree in Engineering, Physical Sciences or Mathematics, or Biomedical Sciences with a minimum grade-point average of 3.25 and a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test (combined verbal and quantitative) score of 1250, are eligible to be considered for admission.  In addition, an applicant’s work history is important for UNC.  Non-native speakers of English must submit an official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of at least 550.

Application Procedure

Submit the following documents to UNC’s Office of Admissions
Fill out the application, being careful to answer all the applicable questions, and complete the essay.

  • Have official copies of your previous college and graduate transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions.
  • GRE - must be directly submitted by applicant.
  • TOEFL (if applicable):  use TOEFL code – 4935 – for scores to be sent to UNC.
  • Mail the completed application form along with the nonrefundable $100.00 application fee to the Office of Admissions.

Office of Admissions

University of Northern California
1129 Industrial Ave, # 207, Petaluma, CA 94952


It is the goal of the University of Northern California to provide a package of financial assistance that will enable eligible graduate students to meet their tuition and living expenses. The University of Northern California Foundation (UNC Foundation) distributes funds on the basis of financial need and demonstrated potential for scholastic achievement in the following programs:

  Work Study
  Student Loans
  Graduate Fellowships
  Teaching and Research Assistantships

Eligibility for Grants, Student Loans, Internships, and Work Study is dependent on the ability of the applicants to demonstrate financial need. Candidates for Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships and Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions will be judged and awarded funding on the basis of scholarship and financial need.

The University of Northern California Foundation offers Presidential Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships for graduate students with actual or demonstrated potential for academic excellence. Students who wish to be considered for these scholarships will submit:

              Completed Application for Admission
              GRE test scores for Graduate Applicants
              TOEFL test scores for international applicants
              Three letters of reference
              Completed Application for Financial Assistance

Students interested in applying for financial assistance need to obtain an application for Financial Assistance form by contacting the Office of Admissions.