A routine feature of Dr. Liu’s schedule is making presentations at international conferences and responding to invitations to lecture at universities all over the world.

President’s Message

Creating a new university has been a dream of mine for many years. As a young man living in Asia, I received a full scholarship to study in the USA. This scholarship led me to a lifetime dedicated to the excitement and joy of academic study both for myself and also, later, for my students.

In my vision of the ideal university, the precision of technology would blend with the mastery of language for better communication of expertise and new ideas. At the same time, students would live in an atmosphere that was inspiring, stimulating, and fun.

Here at University of Northern California (UNC), my dream has become a reality. UNC students are able to specialize in biomedical engineering taught by experienced educators who are inspired by our multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to learning. Opportunities abound for enjoyable and rewarding extra-curricular activities in one of the most beloved Bay Areas of the world!

My hope is that UNC graduates will carry with them the culmination of my dream and the key to theirs.

Welcome to the University of Northern California!

Y. King Liu, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Founder UNC