Continuing Education

MedTerms-Lite (online CE course)

Length : 15 hours online work

CEU's = 15 units                                                    Cost = $175.00 

Relevance of Course for Acupuncturists and Other Allied Health Professional:

A working knowledge of medical terminology is basic to unambiguous communication between healthcare professionals.  This is a self-instructional multimedia course that provides acupuncturists and other allied health professional with a way to quickly improve their knowledge, pronunciation, usage, and spelling of medical terminology.

Course Description

Each chapter in MedTerms - Lite introduces a new set of word parts and words that include illustrations which depict the medical terms and related concepts. Human voice pronunciations are linked to every term for auditory review and practice. Upon completion of this self-paced course, you will be proficient in the use of over 1,500 medical words and word parts and you will also develop an ability to decipher unfamiliar medical terms.

The MedTerms - Lite lessons incorporate prefixes, roots, and suffixes that are used in common vocabulary. MedTerms - Lite intentionally intersperses common word examples in the beginning lessons to reinforce the link between common vocabulary and the learners’ developing medical vocabulary.

Unlike most courses that teach medical terminology by the "anatomical body-system approach," MedTerms - Lite teaches medical terminology in thematic and clinical term groups, that is, by prefix, suffix, or root groups that have similar themes. In so doing, the course avoids the difficulty and confusion often experienced by trying to learn two concepts at once (medical terminology and anatomy) and more quickly promotes knowledge development.

Anatomical terms are presented once the learner has a command of general medical terminology, which makes it easier to assimilate the anatomy nomenclature. Once you learn the medical and anatomy terminology, MedTerms - Lite then addresses medical abbreviations, prescriptions, medical records. In short, the student learns how medical terminology is applied in practical clinical situation.

The MedTerms - Lite clinical thematic-based approach to learning medical terminology has been used successfully by thousands of students in hundreds of colleges and schools worldwide.

After completing the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand, pronounce, and spell most medical terms                                                 
  • Utilize techniques to interpret unfamiliar medical terms
  • Comprehend and interpret Medical Records

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